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Fight Blue-Green Algae in Georgica Pond with Seawater

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A heavy cyanobacteria bloom in Georgica Pond this summer could be combated with longer flushing from the ocean over the winter. Normally, East Hampton trustees dig a connection between the ocean and the pond in spring to allow fish to spawn in the pond. The connection closes naturally, and then the opening is dug again in the fall to let the fish into the ocean. Georgica Pond water is brackish, which means it's a mixture of fresh and salt water. This summer, nitrogen from local septic systems and fertilized lawns caused an especially heavy algae bloom, which is toxic. Ideas being mooted to solve the problem include leaving the ocean channel open all winter, regulating septic tanks more closely, and/or adding plants to the pond's edge to filter runoff.
· More saltwater flushes may cure algal blooms in Georgica Pond, say officials [Newsday]