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The Latest on the Army Corps' Plans for Downtown Montauk

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This August, the Army Corps of Engineers released its latest plans to stabilize the shoreline of downtown Montauk after damage by Superstorm Sandy. Downtown Montauk—defined as the area from the intersection of Montauk Highway and Old Montauk Highway to the Atlantic Terrace motel—should be protected for the next 25 years by this project's dune reinforcement plan. 51,000 cubic yards of sand in the form of 14,000 geotextile bags will be added to the beach, with 20,000 cubic yards of sand excavated to build a berm and to protect the bags.

This project, which will be entirely paid for by Federal funds, is considered to be separate from the long-term Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point (FIMP) reformulation study. The Downtown Montauk project is "proceeding on a separate, accelerated path" from FIMP because of the urgency of the need.
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