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In Shinnecock, a Modern New Build with a Floating Roofline

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The elevated coastline over Peconic Bay, close to the canal, is home to a new house designed by Jendretzki LLC, a New York-based architectural firm. Pablo Jendretzki told us, "This stretch of beachfront is becoming known as the Gold Coast of Peconic Bay. When designing the house we recognized the unique setting; the houses here are raised somewhat higher than the beach level, and also face west, enjoying amazing sunsets. Other projects are following suit; old houses are being demolished in favor of modern structures, as opposed to traditional shingle houses."

This house features cantilevered roofs that "float," which allows sunlight to penetrate everywhere. It's steel-framed to ensure the roofs don't fly away! There are 16' high ceilings in the living room. In total, the house is 6000sf, with six bedrooms, six baths, a spa, gym, sauna, steam room and massage room. Outside, there's that gorgeous waterview infinity pool and lots of clever built-in seating.
· Jendretzki LLC [Official]