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The Lowdown on the Shuttered Bridgehampton Party House

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Here's the deal with the "Stadiumred Estate": it is a "very secluded" 12500sf house set on five acres in Bridgehampton north owned by "Hercules" TV actor Kevin Sorbo. And it's been rented for the past three years (cost: $275,000) by Claude Zdanow, owner of a company called Stadiumred that seems to run NYC recording studios. Zdanow, it is alleged, has been throwing for-profit parties at the house, which is described thus on the company's website: "The ultimate lifestyle property, The Stadiumred Estate is a pop-up event series in the Hamptons where where luxury brands acquire an organic synergy with an influencer audience for unique exposure." (We were wondering where where our luxury brands could acquire an organic synergy with influencers!) A company called IvyConnect, which advertises that members can "Attend Members Only Gatherings at Outstanding Locations," was selling tickets to the organic-synergy luxury brand influencer gatherings. Kevin Sorbo says he never allowed his house to be used as a party house (or Members Only Gathering lifestyle property), and Zdanow says he had no idea that IvyConnect was selling tickets to his Outstanding Location.

Upshot: the buzz killers at Southampton Town obtained a court order barring any parties. Sheesh, Southampton Town, that's not how you get invited to the organic-synergy luxury brand influencer gatherings.
· Actor's attorney says his client's Bridgehampton estate was not a for-profit party house [Newsday]