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Again, 'The Hamptons' is Pol-Speak for 'Wealthy, Out of Touch'

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This is getting old. Must "the Hamptons" always be used as a smear against politicians who come here? Democrat and Republican alike. Earlier this year, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost in the primary and GOP insiders blamed it partially on "too many trips to the Hamptons." Now it's the turn of Domenic Recchia. A Democrat, he's a former Brooklyn councilman now running for Congress in New York's 11th District (Staten Island and southern Brooklyn). He put his waterfront house in Hampton Bays on the market back in August. While really quite appealing, with a laid back vibe and a nice looking freeform pool, the place isn't dripping with luxury. (Also, you know, Hampton Bays, not Sagaponack.) It's 0.4 acre, and the house is 2635sf, with three bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Asking price is $1.9M.

A spokesman for his opponent told The New York Observer, "What this Hamptons summer home sale shows is that Recchia is trying to fool the voters when he says he struggles to pay the high tolls like the real, hard-working, middle class […] he's completely out touch and is too busy socializing with the Hampton elite crowd and liberal Manhattan millionaires."

The Recchia campaign then took a shot at his opponent's federal indictment in the Observer. "This is unrelated to the campaign. He's selling the property because he's not spending any time there and unlike Michael Grimm, he can do so because his property isn't currently collateral for bail."

Could we give it a rest, folks? Not everyone who lives and works or visits the Hamptons is loaded. There are plenty of hardworking middle class people here too.
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