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$27.5M Buys Five Acres and a Kitchen Filled with Crap

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When a listing starts showing pictures of the bedrooms first, you know the rest of the house is going to be a nightmare. And this one doesn't disappoint! Sheesh, you're asking $27,500,000 for your house—still a great deal of money last time we checked—and you can't even pull the pile of crap out of the kitchen fireplace? Or get rid of the electric lanterns or the box of stuff next to it?

This could be a lovely place with some staging and redecorating. The house is a gracious old Tudor, c. 1929, and there are a generous five acres of land, although some of it is pond. There are five bedrooms in the house plus a staff wing with two bedrooms, and a separate carriage house with apartment. Outside, there's a nice looking pool, tennis court, and basketball court. Location is great, too, very close to the ocean.
· Lily Pond Vicinity [BHS]