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Exercise Your Royal Prerogative for $22M on Egypt Lane

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Back in March, 122 Egypt Lane hit the market, asking $8.95M. It struck us as an odd property (one acre, no pool) until a commenter pointed out that the modest ranch was the guest house for the place next door. Ah, makes sense. Now the guest house has been pricechopped $2M to $6.95M, and the main house next door, 136 Egypt Lane, which had been on the market at $18M for a few months, has been priceupped $4M to $22M, with the guest house property included. Last month, the house on the other side of the main house, 140 Egypt Lane, hit the market asking $22.5M. Note: this is an entirely separate property and listing.

So let's compare. 122 and 136 Egypt Lane offer two houses, tennis court, pool, and a little over 2 acres of land. While pretty, the main house needs a refresh—we are not sure interiors that look like the Sun King's beach house are that appealing to many buyers. There are twelve bedrooms in all, including the three in the guest house, and eleven baths.

140 Egypt Lane is an historic house, built 1921, in the Tudor style, that could stand some updates. The house boasts eight bedrooms and 4.5 baths. The plot size is 1.6 acre and there is a pool but no tennis court.

So which place would get your $22M? Do you prefer to live like Henry VIII or Louis XIV?
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