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'Duo,' Featuring Kirsten Benfield and Jerry Schwabe, at Ashawagh Hall

A new exhibition featuring local artists Jerry Schwabe and Kirsten Benfield, "Duo," will be held Friday through Sunday at Ashawagh Hall, with a reception on Saturday, September 27 from 4-8PM. Kirsten Benfield's work features landscapes, abstract, transfers, figures, wild life, sea life and the odd still life. Schwabe's work features watercolor paintings of the sea in various moods and tones as well as various photos, sculptures and other paintings. He says, "I am, as are most artists living on the East End, affected by the light and our beautiful surroundings, including the water, the woods and open fields and all that nature offers the viewer. My new work moves from the serene to the dramatic with variations in mood and abstractions of form and color."
· Ashawagh Hall [Official]

Ashawagh Hall

Springs-Fireplace Road, East Hampton, NY 11937