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Likable Tuscan-Style Water Mill House Liked by New Owner

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This property featured in Pricespotter in May this year. Most commenters liked the house. "When I hear Tuscan-style, I automatically think of JerseyTuscan, which is generally pretty vile. This is quite nice and understated... aside from the gargantuan size, of course. One of the better mansion-ey homes I've seen." "I want to hate it. I really do. But it's not that bad. Except for the motorcycles." "I want to drive the motorcycles around the living room."

Then in June, the price was chopped $545K to $5.95M down from $6.495M. That did the trick, because now the house is in contract. To the lucky new owners: let us have a spin around the living room after you close.
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