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Throwing Raves Can Net You 14 Acres on Meadow Lane

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Mental note: in our next life, we'll start an EDM conglomerate. Last week came the news that Robert F.X. Sillerman, of SFX Entertainment, was trying to "simplify" his life by listing six properties he owns, in Southampton, Manhattan, and Anguilla, for a total of $107M. The Southampton house he's selling is 1116 Meadow Lane, 3.66 acres of land, 200' of oceanfront, with a 12,800sf modern house (rough property outline in red on the map above). Asking price is a cool $39M. Mr. Sillerman also owns four other Hamptons properties. A quick nose around Property Shark revealed that three of them are contiguous with 1116 Meadow Lane: 1100 Meadow Lane (next door to 1116), with 2.4 acres of land, 1099 Meadow, which is an empty bayfront lot across the street with 3.5 acres, and 1080 Meadow, next door to 1100, with a small house on it and 4.5 acres of land. These are shown (roughly) in blue. So after the sale of 1116, Mr. Sillerman will still own more than ten acres of land right next door. Nice!
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