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Should East Hampton Buy the East Deck with CPF Funds?

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On Friday, principals of ED40, the group who bought the former East Deck Motel in Montauk's Ditch Plains, issued a press release stating that they requested an adjournment to a Wednesday meeting of the East Hampton town planning department "to give the town an opportunity to assess the possibility of purchasing the property." This seems like a good idea to us: the CPF monies are there to be spent, after all, but we are not sure how the finances would work. The East Deck sold for $15M.

We spent childhood summers bodysurfing at Ditch. In the face of constant change in Montauk, a town purchase would preserve the laid back surfer vibe that's prevailed at the beach for more than 40 years and prevent the "private membership beach club" that is currently planned. What do you think? Vote and opine in the comments.

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