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Martha Tells Gwyneth to Stick to Acting

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We love when Martha issues a righteous beatdown on the young pretenders trying to nab the crown of the lifestyle queen. And frankly, it couldn't happen to a more deserving victim than GOOP founder/actress/local annoyance Gwyneth Paltrow. According to the New York Post, Stewart told Porter magazine that Paltrow "just needs to be quiet." Martha, we couldn't agree more. "She's a movie star. If she were confident in her acting, she wouldn't be trying to be Martha Stewart." Now, that's not fair. Why, Gwyneth was magnificent in the challenging role of Pepper Potts.

Last year Martha told Bloomberg TV: "I haven't eaten at Gwyneth's house and I've never seen how she lives... She's a charming, pretty person who has a feeling for lifestyle. She wants to be a lifestyle arbiter, fine, good. I think I started this whole category of lifestyle." Lifestyle Arbiters: Beyond Thunderdome. Two divas enter: one diva leaves. Ten bucks on Martha.
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