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Boast About Your Green Cred with this Water Mill New Build

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[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

This seven-bedroom, 9.5-bath house is impeccably green and thoughtfully designed, with touches like solar panels on the pergola by the pool, geothermal heating and cooling, and all the latest tech bells and whistles. It's LEED for Home certified, which is uncommon in the Hamptons. Even the wine cellar is green! The house is large at 9000sf, but the rooms all seem cozy and relaxing. We particularly like the roof terrace and the inviting pool house. About the only thing we don't like is the attached garage, which tends to look suburban tract-house, but given that the plot is only 0.87 acre, maybe a detached garage would take up too much space. Asking price is $10.995; as an attractive house in a good location, this place will probably attract a buyer fairly soon.
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