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Watch Alec Baldwin Go Batshit Crazy in the Middle of East Hampton

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Here's the situation. Movie star Alec Baldwin is out for a leisurely stroll with his wife- Hilaria and their child in picturesque East Hampton. Nothing seems weird, right? Wrong! Please remember that Baldwin has the patience of, oh that's right, Alec is a ticking time bomb. We are truly at a loss to describe what happened, but the actor goes from normal to batshit crazy in less than one second. Check out the video above (thank you, TMZ!) to see exactly what we are talking about...

As for repercussions, the photographer being assaulted supposedly is not pressing charges. We have some advice for Mr. Baldwin, please take a page from your TV alter ego, Jack Donaghy and chill the f$ck out!

So, what does everyone think? Is this just another chapter in the saga of Alec Baldwin's ridiculous rants? Or, has he finally gone too far?