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Cats, Dogs & Feathered Friends of the Hamptons Rejoice

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We've covered an endless slew of pet charity events this summer. And, we certainly applaud everyone who looked deep into their hearts and adopted a stray 4-legged friend.

Here's the problem, little Fido has settled into his new surroundings, but he's hungry. Shit! What are you supposed to do? There are so few stores with pet food in the Hamptons. Fear not!
We were cruising around Bridgehampton Commons this afternoon, and we noticed a sign in the window. Yes, Petco is opening on September 15, 2014. We acknowledge that the big boy retail chains aren't exactly popular on the East End; however, we think pet parents will rejoice at the infinite selection of toys, treats, and food.

Bridgehampton Commons

2044 Montauk Highway, New York, NY 11932