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5 Ways to get Your Adrenaline Rush

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Looking for an adrenaline fix? We've got you covered…

1. Fall through the Sky
The Skinny: Let's be real, it doesn't get more adventurous than freefalling through the atmosphere. Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane, you ask. Located at Lufker Airport, the instructors at Skydive Hamptons think the rush is totally worth the risk.
Extreme Ranking: Hardcore

2. Warhol Inspired Dessert
The Skinny: Pastry chef Dominique Ansel, the cronut king of Manhattan, recently teamed up with retailer Lisa Perry in East Hampton for one afternoon. Ansel doled out Andy Warhol inspired sundaes in a can. Totally over the top, this dessert rocked root beer and stracciatella ice cream, cherries, meringue, mascarpone semi fredo, and toasted marshmallows.
Extreme Ranking: Decadently delicious

3. Surf the Sky
The Skinny: SkyWalk Kiteboarding at Napeague Harbor in Amagansett will have you surfing the waves while flying through the air. You've gotta be a little cray cray to give this a shot. But if you're game, gear up for some acrobatics over the Atlantic.
Extreme Ranking: Intense

4. Yoga on a Paddleboard
The skinny: The popularity of standup paddleboarding [sup] is at an all time high. Why simply glide over the waves when you can stand on your head in the middle of the ocean? The Paddle Diva at 219 Three Mile Harbor in East Hampton brings an aquatic feel to your downward dog.
Extreme Ranking: Om on the water

5.Work Hard, Play Hard
The skinny: After you've been busy pushing the limits, it's time to replenish. The I.V. Doctor website boasts hydration therapy to help you recover from the flu, jetlag, exercise fatigue, general exhaustion, and food poisoning. Let's be honest, relief delivered in the form of an I.V. drip is really about curing your deathbed hangover. The genius of this service is that it comes directly to your doorstep. Boo-ya!
Extreme Ranking: Thrilling relief