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A-Weel-Y-Moor is No More; Controversy Over its Replacement

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The beautiful circa-1880 Shingle Style house at 40 Meadow Lane, A-Weel-Y-Moor, is in the process of being demolished. It was on the market for some time before being purchased earlier this year. Neighbors are now up in arms about its proposed replacement, which they call overly large and inappropriate for the site. Southampton Village's Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review approved the plans for the new house, but neighbors have successfully lobbied for a hearing on Monday to reconsider its approval of the nonconforming building design. Groups including The Preservation League of New York State and The Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities have stated that they do not believe that the proposed construction is appropriate in the Southampton Historic District.

Issues with the latest proposed building design include character, scale, and materials. The surrounding buildings are old Shingle Style or postmodern shingled houses that blend in well with neighbors, particularly the 1887 Meadow Club; the new building is made of floor-to-ceiling glass panels—on all four facades and three stories—with limestone and mahogany; concrete-slab projecting balconies, and a zinc roof.

The public hearing about the proposed construction is scheduled for Monday, 7PM, Village Hall, Main Street, Southampton.
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