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Clintons: With a $20M Price Drop, You Can't Afford Not to Buy!

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Good to see you around these parts again, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. Isn't it time you invested in a place of your own out here, especially with a grandchild coming? We once urged the two of you to buy 315 Rose Hill Road because it vaguely resembles the White House. Since the price has just dropped from a risible $58.5M to a merely laughable $39.5M, the time is now! If the price seems high, just give a few more speeches; you'll have the down payment in no time! With 20,000sf of space, there's plenty of room for both of you, Chelsea and Mark, the little one, assorted Secret Service, and general flunkies. Come on, you know you're both dying for that cast bronze and silver & gold leaf staircase.
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