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Bliss Baby Offers Natural Mattresses, Bedding, and Cribs

We're as un-woo-woo as people get, but we strongly believe in natural bedding for babies. Babies spend half their day sleeping, if not more, so nontoxic, organic mattresses and bedding are crucial. You don't want their developing bodies around waterproofing materials, polyester, toxic glues, plastics, flame retardants, and offgassing foams. That's why we're happy to learn that Bliss Sleep Center has opened Bliss Baby in Water Mill. Owner Beth Schlendorf says, "Our clients kept asking us for more and more organic baby items. You will find the same great quality and purity of materials found in our existing line of products now used to make all our baby crib mattresses, bedding, sustainable wood cribs, toys, and gifts. I believe that there is more than enough to worry about when having a baby. This should not include having to research and figure out how to make a toxin-free healthy nursery for your little one."
· Bliss Sleep Center [Official]