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Alzheimer's Association Gala Kick-Off at the McInerneys'

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We're pretty blasé about celebrities in general, but the one who can turn us into a squeeing fangirl is Roger Waters. Mr. Floyd turned up Saturday evening at the Rita Hayworth Gala Hamptons Kick-Off Reception in Water Mill. The reception was hosted by Anne and Jay McInerney at their Ashgrove Farm home. Of course, plenty of non-Roger-Waters celebrities attended, including founder and gala chair Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, actress Lauren Miller Rogen, actor Bob Balaban, sports star Brendan Shanahan and TV star Countess LuAnn de Lesseps.

This year marks the 31st anniversary of the Rita Hayworth Gala, which Princess Aga Khan started in honor of her mother, legendary actress Rita Hayworth, who lived with Alzheimer's for many years. Under her leadership, more than $63 million has been raised for the Alzheimer's Association. She too is a rock star.
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