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Mary-Kate Olsen is Equestrian-Chic at the Hampton Classic

Sponsored by Longines, the watch company of the rich and the richer (yes, we are semi convinced that there is a world domination plan in place), the 39th annual Hampton Classic horse show competition takes place at 240 Snake Hollow Road in Bridgehampton from August 24th - August 31st. Fashion designer and actress Mary-Kate Olsen is garnering more attention for her equestrian style than her show jumping ability. Her first horse of the day Uniek was not terribly cooperative. The 28 year-old switched things up and hopped on a new horse, Swagger. Apparently, this steed was in more of a jumpy mood.
To be fair, MK won the Local Hunter section B event last year on her horse, Marvelous. Translation: we know the girl has skills. As for her fashion, it's tough to ignore, Olsen made a statement and looked perfectly equine-chic at the prestigious event. Hmmm… do you smell a horsey set inspired line in the future for the co-creator of The Row? Either way, congrats, Mary-Kate!

Hampton Classic Horse Show

240 Snake Hollow Road, Bridgehampton, NY 11932 631 537 3177