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Seriously, $300K for Just One Week in Bridgehampton? This Can't Be Right

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What would you do with 300K? Use it as a down payment for a home; invest it; or blow it on one week of decadence in the Hamptons? Obviously, we found some folks who took the route of debauchery. Business Insider revealed that a family from the midwest plunked down the mind-boggling figure for just one week of fun in the sun at the much ballyhooed Sandcastle house in Bridgehampton.

Yes, hip-hop royalty Jay Z and Beyonce spent $400K on the same property in 2012, but they got the entire month of August- not just one week. We're guessing that the wine room, indoor basketball court, rock-climbing wall, skateboarding ramp, spa, and endless amenities were just too tempting to pass up.

So, is this funhouse that just screams, it's time to play deserving of the hefty pricetag? Let us know your thoughts. We're expecting these renters to throw some serious parties. C'mon, we know they've got the cash for a life altering bash!