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Surf's Up at the Southampton Hospital Gala

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Not many events have a Fashion Chair, but then again, this is the Hamptons. Designer Michael Kors held this incredibly chic honor at last night's 56th annual Southampton party, Endless Summer, which benefitted the Southampton Hospital. Emceed by television newscaster Chuck Scarborough, the evening looked more like a fashion show, but unlike so many of the uptight events on the East End, this gala had a cool surfer vibe. Of course, surfboards have that effect. Artists Jeff Muhs, Peter Tunney, Charles Wildbank, Michael Dweck, Paton Miller, Thomas Dash, Peter Max, Peter Dayton, and Jerome Lucani displayed some of the most artistic surfboards that we've ever seen. (Hello, gorgeous!) These functional art pieces that include a get to know session with with the artist are currently available online at Go out and bid, because looking good while riding the waves is super important. And, if anyone gives you any lip about your kick ass (albeit pricey) new beach toy, just remember that you have the best comeback on the planet. Politely inform said jokester that this is a charity donation for the only hospital in the Hamptons.