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Pure Barre Opens Year-Round Studio in Southampton

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Pure Barre has exploded on the fitness scene as the go-to workout for students who want to lengthen their muscle groups while building serious strength. Lucky for us, a brand new studio opened at 5 Windmill Lane in Southampton, and it's year-round. We caught up with owner and trainer Kaitlin Vandura to get her take on isometric movements, what newbies need to know (hint, it's all about the tuck), and the 80/20 rule.

Is Pure Barre doing a pop-up just for the summer, or is your studio now part of the Southampton landscape?
This a year-round studio, and we are so pumped to be here! We're here 7 days a week. We're obsessed with this area, and we love it out here!

How has the response been from the community?
Incredibly positive. I think that people are really happy that we are here, because we are getting a lot of repeat customers. I think there was kind of fitness void in Southampton.

Yeah. There are a lot of studios in East Hampton, but not so much here.
Exactly. It just feels like the perfect fit.

Tell us more about how you work with your clientele. How will Pure Barre tone us up?
This workout is great for the backs of the arms, the seat, and the thighs. Pure Barre will help you tone up and slenderize those areas.

Lengthening out the body is something that pretty much everybody talks about these days. How does your method lean out the body?
We stretch after every segment. Stretching is a huge part of the Pure Barre workout. It's just as important as strengthening the body.

With new students, what's the biggest mistake you see?
Trying to explain the concept of a tuck can be tricky. It's such a small nuance, and it's something I want my students to understand. So, we always spend time working on that. The other thing is that people assume that big movements are better. For our barre classes, smaller movements are more effective. It's about mastering the isometric tiny movements.

If weight loss is your goal, can you stick with Pure Barre classes? Or, do you need to throw in some additional cardio? Maybe take some runs?
For weight loss, my suggestion is taking our classes 5 times a week. Your heart rate is raised enough in class that additional cardio is not required. But, your diet is also key.

So, what does eating clean mean to you?
I don't believe in anything outlandish and insanely hardcore that you can't stick to on a long term basis. I believe in the 80/20 rule.

So, what's 80/20 exactly? Eating healthy 80% of the time?
Pretty much, stick to lean and healthy foods most of the time. Go for lean protein, vegetables, just a little fruit, and a lot of water. And, 20% is for a glass of wine or that treat that you are craving at the end of the night. It's all about creating balance. Your life should not only be about fitness. We all need social lives and occasional indulgences.