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Bespoke Real Estate: New Firm Working Only with $10M+ Properties

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We'd heard rumors for a while, but now here they are on our TV screens: former Corcoran agents Zachary and Cody Vichinsky, whose new brokerage, Bespoke Real Estate, will focus on only very high-end properties. The two plan to offer an "amazing level of service." The time is right, they say, to focus on "really special properties, [because] you're seeing magnificent trades and record-breaking sales." They are the first company to work exclusively with properties at this level and promise to debut a new $60M non-oceanfront property this week. We think they're going to have a very hard time wrestling the high-end exclusives and clients from the Harald Grants, Tim Davises, Susan Breitenbachs, and Gary DePersias. What do you folks think? Is there room at the top?
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