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Georgica Restaurant to Close Forever After Labor Day

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After six years, Georgica will close next week. While reviews of the place were always mixed, the addition of the 19 year old chef and new menu this summer, after the departure of Chef Seth Levine to Gurney's, didn't help matters, at least according to Yelp reviews. "Wow how do you mess up olives. Worst meal ever." "If I could give ZERO stars here I would. Literally the worst restaurant experience I have ever had in my life. Not one aspect of this place was worth it. I literally thought I was on some reality show to see how pissed off they can get their customers." "Don't attempt to have a good dinner here if you're over 25 and don't drink. This was the worst experience of many years in the Hamptons." Of course, it's easy to trash an eatery online, and lots of people loved the place. What did any of you in the Curbediverse think of the place this summer?
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