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Showcase Showdown: The Montauk Edition

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We originally listed this house at 12 Beech Hollow Court in Montauk as part of our Price Spotter series. Upon revealing the original 3.3M ask, the consensus seemed fairly strong that this property would move- especially because inventory in Montauk is not exactly high. Since that time, this 5 bedroom bayfront has experienced some weird trends on the pricing market. Case in point, the sellers can't decide what direction to go. Take a look:

· August 19, 2014: price chopped $249k (7% down)

· June 10, 2014: price upped $299k (9% up)

· May 24, 2014: price chopped $200k (6% down)

What gives? Hey, just pick a downward or upward trend and stick with it. Right now, the house is listed at $3.15M. Is this the magic number? If this doesn't work, it's not a problem. The sellers are more than happy to move the ask down or up or down....

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