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Seriously Stylish Remodel in Bridgehampton

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Clocking in at 2,900 sq ft, the complete remodel at 139 Meadows East in Bridgehampton is blinged out in high style. Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle recently updated this 5 bed 3 bath property that sits on .91 acres. Translation, there's room for expansion, if you feel the need. Bright and airy, this home has a dreamy feel that speaks to sophistication. Location wise, Bridgehampton is hot right now- even north of the highway. Situated near the new Barn & Vine homes, we're curious if the address will help or hinder the sale. Asking just over $2M, it appears that you get quite a beautiful house for the price. If your head is easily turned by chic décor and sparkly pendants, this might be just the residence for you.

Chic Remodel in Bridgehampton North [DE]