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The Price Chopper Strikes Again in Bridgehampton

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Yikes, there are just so many shelves. Storage is important, but this house at 373 Woodland Drive is overrun with ledges. We are honestly at a loss. Clearly, buyers aren't too hip on this 1,500 sq ft property either, because it just had a date with the price chopper. Currently listed at $850K, we're wondering if the 14.5% price drop is enough to attract a serious offer. The location is fairly close to Lumber Lane, which is a positive, but this neighborhood isn't exactly overflowing with new housing. The lot is on a steep hill, and we're guessing that someone will throw up a new house. The .50 acreage isn't a ton of space for expansion, so this property has us a bit curious. Do we think this residence needs another reduction or will this homage to bookcases and bad tile finally find a buyer?

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