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The Ultimate Surfer's Bachelor Pad (Dude, Where's the Pool?)

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Located at 31 Hampton Lane in Amagansett, this 4 bedroom 2 bathroom cottage is quite the charmer. Okay, we admit that it's not huge on style, but it's got a killer location. With only 1,200 sqft and .23 acres, the term postage stamp comes to mind. Freshly renovated, the kitchen is absolutely adorable, and we are crushing on that aqua fridge. Cute! As a rental, this could be a decent investment opportunity, because we all love living near the beach. But cramped quarters and no ability to install a pool (damn those water tables!) have us feeling lukewarm about the $1.55M ask. It kind of screams surfer bachelor pad, but is this price tag realistic?

Just 1 Block from the Beach in Amagansett [T&C]