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The Award for Cheesiest Headline Goes to: Lane of Thrones

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Real estate giant of the Hamptons Gary DePersia is certainly creative when it comes to marketing his properties. We chatted with him a while back and he referred to his listings as his children. And, like any good parent, he refused to pick a favorite. Okay, we should have expected that answer, but even we can't help but chuckle at the headline of Gary's Mediterranean estate on 24 North Bay Lane, which reads, Lane of Thrones, Your Grace. Yes, yes, we get the double entendre of the street name with the castle theme. But, c'mon, is he actually trying to riff off HBO's mega hit, Game of Thrones? Maybe if you buy this 10,000 sqft property that boasts 5 bedrooms and 8.5 baths (btw, why so many bathrooms?), you will feel like you live in Westeros and fly around on dragons. With approximately 2 acres steeped in kingly drama, the décor has a lot going on. The backyard sure does look relaxing, and we can't deny the regal flair. At nearly $4M, is this a showpiece or a redo? Tell us what you think…

Game of Thrones Wannabe [Corcoran]