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Model Behavior: Find out How a Victoria's Secret Model Shops Super Saturday

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Last weekend marked one of our favorite and now iconic events of the summer, Super Saturday, an ultraswanky garage sale. Television retailer QVC participated by broadcasting live from the event. Amidst the hoopla we caught up with Victoria's Secret Pink model Vita Sidorkina to find out the summer trends she can't live without, her picks for best designer, and celeb spotting!

What are you shopping for today?
I didn't have a shopping wish list going into Super Saturday. I find it's always best to be pleasantly surprised with what was on offer. I walked away with bags full of cute outfits and accessories, and a few beautiful pieces for my mother, who is currently visiting from Russia.

What was the best score of the day?
My leopard print cat eye sunglasses were definitely my best purchase!

What designer/brand were you most excited to shop during Super Saturday?
Zimmermann! I love all of their pieces, and I wore a Zimmermann romper to the event. However, I think everyone else had the same idea, by the time I got to their stand, there sadly wasn't much left.
Did you spot any celebs?
Of course! It's great how many celebs attend and support, it's all for a great charity. From Rachel Zoe, to Nicky Hilton, to Kelly Ripa.

What's your favorite fashion trend this summer?
I've really been loving sporty chic. It's the perfect look when you are busy and want to stay comfortable.

What trend could you live without?
Slip-on shoes. I like footwear to be a little more classy.