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Your Home Can Be Your Castle for $4.3M in Southampton

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Is your current home sadly lacking in battlements? Too few arrow slits? Want to pour boiling oil on the marauding goths? (Oh, sorry, that's "frowned upon" now.) Then have we a listing for you! "Balcastle" was built circa 1910 by Edward Elliston, Jr., whose wife, Emma Rose, has the eponymous park in North Sea. The listing says that the house, with octagonal tower and roof terrace, has been "exactingly restored from the ground up." There are three bedrooms, including the master in the tower; the house is 2900sf in total. The pool house is hilarious, with Gothic windows, and the pool is lovely. The house is nicely located in the middle of the village, with a compact 0.43 acre plot. This property needs an owner as quirky and fun-loving as it is.
· Historic Castle On Herrick - Southampton [Sotheby's via HREO]