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Stay Local with Old School Favorites

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Simplicity is often better than overly flourished, especially when it comes to food. That's why we are seriously crushing on the sauces churned out by Old School Favorites. Made on the East End, the company sources locally as much as possible and specializes in the small batch process. Artisanal food eliminates the mass-market vibe of complicated products that focus on preservatives and chemical byproduct fats. This brand keeps things real with fresh ingredients.
We are a little obsessed with the decadent chocolate Szauce, which incorporates Hudson Valley fresh cream with North Fork sea salt. Old School is expanding and currently offers milk chocolate and cognac (made with the Greek spirit Metaxa) along with a sugar-alternative recipe. Additionally, the company is peddling Nutsz- premium quality walnuts that are blanketed in organic New York State maple syrup and North Fork sea salt.

Locally, these handcrafted treats are available at Hampton Coffee Company's Southampton location, Catena's Market, Kontokosta Winery, Harbourfront Deli, The Green Thumb, Farm 2 Kitchen Long Island, South Fork and Spoon, Hayground School Farmers' Market, Southampton Farmers' Market, and online.