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Calling all Hamptons Billionaires: Elin is Single & in Town

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Elin Nordegren, the woman who defines the term jilted ex-wife (hello, Tiger Woods), recently split with billionaire boyfriend Christopher Cline. The reason for the breakup? Well, we're not exactly sure where the rift started, but Page Six reports that the pair had been drifting apart for some time. An anonymous tipster piped up, She is single again and hotter than ever. While this isn't exactly riveting news, we are pleased to report that Elin has been spotted with her fave gal pals in Bridgehampton.

Apparently, the way to get over a romantic dalliance gone south is to hit the Hamptons in a smoking bikini. As for her plans, we've noticed that this stunning blonde doesn't exactly date poor guys. Maybe she should consider hooking up with newly single master of the universe David Tepper. Forbes lists him as the 129th richest person on the planet, and at 56, Tepper and Cline [her ex-beau] are the same age. No matter what transpires this weekend, we send well wishes out to the Swedish vixen. Elin, we love you! Please let us know if you end up with Tepper, because we are dying to check out his 15,000 sf monster mansion in Sagaponack.