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Let's Relax and Look at Beautiful Hamptons Pools

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It's Friday in the silly season, so let's all sit back, relax, and look at pictures of beautiful pools. (Unlike our own pool, we don't have to pull frogs out of the skimmers of these!) All of these were designed by Greg Darvin of Pristine Pools. Greg, who specializes in a clean, modern look, says that it's important to look at the entire outdoor area, designing a pool based on how the client plans to use the space. For example, if the client primarily wants to relax, Greg will design a pool with a shallow sun shelf for loungers, and will even include a sleeve into the structure for an umbrella, as in the gorgeous Scallop Avenue, East Hampton, pool shown. Infinity edge pools are still going strong, and the trend for outdoor fireplaces shows no signs of abating.
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