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Big Reveal: How Much for this Beach House in the AMG Dunes?

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Address: 23 Dune Lane, Amagansett
Price: $3,450,000
Was it something we said? This listing has already been pulled. Hm. Commenters generally liked the property, although you readers underestimated the price. "Great location, clean house, needs something though...maybe better landscaping and interior lighting." "Big dunes lot, and compared to what's on the market it's a very clean aesthetic 2.75 which btw is absurd." And "Exact location important here. And it looks like it needs some nice landscaping. Room for a pool, even a small one, is a big plus. It's a little on the small side in terms of interior square footage but it's not bad. If it is south of central it should sell quickly." It is south of Central, but did it sell that quickly?
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