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Stirring the Pot with Anthony Bourdain: Hot, Messy Countries and Rotten Shark

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Last Sunday was the first of three "Stirring the Post–Conversations with Culinary Celebrities" events at Guild Hall. Anthony Bourdain and Florence Fabricant chatted, and then Bourdain was on hand to sign copies of his book Medium Raw. Tickets ($15) are still available to the second and third installments, which will feature Martha Stewart on August 17 and Daniel Boulud on August 31.

Bourdain was typically entertaining. He said, regarding shooting locations for Parts Unknown: "I like to find a new way to look at places that have been covered and photographed many, many times…[I prefer staying away from] clean, well-organized countries. I like hot, messy, smelly, barely functioning countries. Like southern Italy, India and Iran."

On visiting Iran: "The people were incredibly gracious and welcoming. In fact, I was surprised: Tehran was the most pro-American place I've ever been….[I was pleased with] "the difference between the political Iran we live with on the news, and the Iran that everyday Iranians live in."

On the worst food he's eaten: "It would be hard to remember the worst food. But I'd have to say the rotten shark they serve in Iceland."
This event was sponsored by Ciuffo Cabinetry, McLoughlin Construction Corp, Canti Prosecco, East Hampton Gourmet Food, BAI, and Nespresso. Media sponsor: Beach Magazine.
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Full disclosure: Editor Laura Euler also writes for Beach. She doesn't think she'd like rotten shark.

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