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Meet An Attractive Montauk Five-Bedroom Near the Lake

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This is a nice house, we think. It's spacious at 3300sf, with five bedrooms and 3.5 baths. All rooms are spacious, updated and attractive. Outside, there's decking, a hot tub, firepit, and outdoor shower. What's missing? A pool, and that's because there isn't room for one on the compact 0.34 acre plot. So that's one caveat. OK, not everyone wants a pool, especially with all the great Montauk beaches. The other caveat is the price, $1.695M. There isn't any kind of a waterview, although you can walk to Lake Montauk easily. The house next door, which granted is much less nice, but about the same land, sold for $650K a year ago. We think the price is going to have to drop to make a sale.
· Wish No More [Keeshan]