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This Summer, Your Kid Can Learn Sailing Basics for Free

Is your child interested in learning about sailing? Good news: Montauk's sailing captains are eager to teach them. The Montauk Chamber of Commerce has begun a program to teach kids aged 6-16 the fundamentals of sailing this summer, beginning next week. The Mon Tiki will be taking out children aged 6-16; older kids 10-16 can also go on Sail Montauk.

These trips, which will last two hours, will take place Tuesday, July 15, Wednesday, July 16, and Thursday, July 17, with other dates for August. Of course personal flotation vests will be provided. The trips are free, but it must be the child's first time ever sailing, and there is a $10 administration fee. Sign up at the Montauk Chamber of Commerce office on Main Street and ask for Sharon. For more information, call 631-668-2428 or email
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