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1-2-3-4, We Declare a Sand War!

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Jeff Mauro, the Food Network host of Sandwich King and The Kitchen, challenged Stephanie Smith, the chef who creatively started a career by documenting the 300 sandwiches she prepared for her boyfriend in order to coax him into proposing, to a Sand War at the new restaurant, Red Stixs, located at 1020 Montauk Highway in Water Mill. Sponsored by Don Julio, Arizona Beverages and Cuca Fresca Cachaca, the event benefitted the American Cancer Society. The Sandwich King served up Mauro's Mortadella + Fig Melt, while Smith went with the Fishkiller Fish Cutter. (BTW, this sandwich is 257 out her now famous 300). The afternoon ended in a tie, so the cheeky banter that's played out on social media between the two sandwich artists has not been resolved. Might we offer a suggestion? Round 2 please. Yumm!