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Have the Kardashians Ruined the Hamptons?

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Right now, Hamptons news is skewed in one direction. And don't pretend that you are immune to the Kardashian fever that's infested the media outlets of the East End. If you type in anything pertaining to the Hamptons in a search engine, the links are all about the K-crew. Kim is, where we don't know where she is exactly, but Kourtney went shopping, Scott Disick had a birthday, and Khloe stopped into Dash, the family boutique at 75 Main Street in Southampton. Stop the presses! Honestly, this is pretty tame stuff. Yes, the camera crews follow them EVERYWHERE, but has this changed daily life much in the Big H? We're not defending them, but we feel that our fair hamlets are about much more than a couple of fame-seeking California girls.

Residents of East Hampton (you know, the old money set), seem to be particularly put out by the mere presence of these reality stars. We imagine the folks who are hilariously willed down memberships at the Maidstone Club, located at 29 Maidstone Lane having vivid nightmares about the Kardashians invading their private stomping grounds. Oh, the horror! Newsweek pointed out, "The Kardashians' arrival inevitably signals a messy American egalitarianism, which may be the only good thing about them. If they are welcome, then everyone else is (well, as long as you haven't maxed out your credit limit)." But, in a particularly unflattering article, the slight pangs of sympathy were confined to that sentence.

As with anything that's worth talking about, everyone is a critic. Carp or not, the Kardashians aren't going anywhere, well not until the end of the summer. Let's not forget, they are only renting. Have they truly reshaped the landscape of the Hamptons? To us, it appears that they have not. But, the season is still young. What do you think? Have the Kardashians ruined the Hamptons? We want to know what you think. Seriously! Vote here:

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