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Bonkers Chinese Mansion in Noyac Now $10M Cheaper

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Remember those long-ago days of April 2013, when you said to yourself, "I'd like to spend a whole lot of money on a three-acre Chinese garden that includes a scale replica of Beijing's Temple of Heaven. If there were a 10,000sf Chinese-inspired mansion on the property as well that would be super. But the asking price is way too much, at least $10M too much!" Well it's time to make your move! The price has just dropped from an utterly insane $28M to a merely crazy $18.35M.

Back in 2013, commenter opinions were mixed, ranging from "Websters uses a photo of this house next to its definition of 'niche home;'" "Horrendous;" "It's quite lovely!" "a real gem;" to "Bulldoze this monstrosity." There's 4.59 acres of land, designed to within an inch of its life; an 8300sf house with seven bedrooms, seven baths, and five (five?) half baths; and of course the temple, tea house, gazebo, and moon gate today's Hamptons buyer demands.
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