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Jimmy Buffett Enters Shark's Eye Tournament

There's still time to enter Montauk's only satellite tag, catch-and-release tournament, Shark's Eye, which returns for its second year on July 11-13. Music legend (and local) Jimmy Buffett has entered his boat Last Mango for the second year. Buffett said, "Such tournaments are the wave of the future."

What we love about this tournament is that it combines big game sports with conservation and science. The focus is on saving sharks, not killing them. That these big sharks are in danger is illustrated by the fact that of the four satellite tagged during last year's tournament, three pinged for months and were tracked on OCEARCH's website. But two of them, Rizzilient and Beamer, the blue shark named by Montauk School students, have been caught and killed by commercial fishermen. Sean Paxton, one of the "Shark Brothers," says, "These findings provide tangible affirmation that, despite the vastness of our oceans, these animals still face intense fishing pressures around the world; information that can be valuable in future fisheries management policy for certain species."
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