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Dwell Like a Daytime Diva in Susan Lucci's Dune Road Estate

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"Four Winds" was built by daytime TV actress Susan Lucci back in 1989. It was designed by Eugene Futterman, with assistance from Peter Cook and Eric Woodward, and it looks like a Shingle Style crossed with the 80s. We do love all the balconies and decks designed to maximize the ocean view. The house is large at 10,622sf, with seven bedrooms, seven baths and one half bath. There's 1.4 acres of land with 160 feet of ocean frontage. Of course there's a pool, with the privacy a diva requires! Interiors all look fairly fresh and updated: we particularly like the library designed to look like a lighthouse tower. As for the price ($20M), it seems slightly high—it is currently the most expensive property west of the canal. For the same price and about the same acreage, you could pick up the Gin Lane estate Scott Bommer is trying to unload, but that house is currently mired in controversy. On the other hand, property west of the canal is getting more and more popular and pricey, so it's entirely possible Ms. Lucci will get her asking price or close to it.
· 20 Dune Road [Elliman]