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Once More Unto the Pricechopper for Countess LuAnn

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Another few weeks, another few hundred thou chopped off the price of this house. We're still surprised no one has purchased it yet. It's got everything: prime location, spaciousness, nice decoration. And now it's even less expensive, with another $500K sliced off, for a total of a one and a half million dollars off the original asking price. You can't say Countess LuAnn isn't serious about selling. Oh well, surely someone will have to have the property soon.

This is a lovely house set on 2.2 acres, with six bedrooms, 5.5 baths in 6500sf. It's nicely decorated and the new owners should be able to move right in. The beautiful garden overlooks preserved farm fields. "It feels like Idaho," de Lesseps told the Wall Street Journal. "There's a wide open feeling."
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