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Purchase a Piece of East Hampton History for $4.75M

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This historic house has had quite a past already. It was originally built on Dayton and Main Street for Charles W. Osborne in 1840. A hundred years later, it was moved to its present location on Edwards Lane, behind the library. (In 1943, Osborne's nieces and nephews gave land to the library for expansion in his name.) And in 2000, new owners began a program of expansion and modernization under the guidance of local architect Erica Broberg Smith. Now the house is a spacious 5000sf, with six bedrooms and 6.5 baths. There are five fireplaces and plenty of original charm left. We love the way the new kitchens and baths harmonize with the age of the house. Outside, there's a gunite pool and rolling lawns on one acre. You're within walking distance to town restaurants, shops, the movies, and the jitney. As for the price, this is a unique property, but $4.75M does not seem unreasonable; your thoughts in the comments.
· Charles W. Osborne House At Edwards Lane [Corcoran]