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New 50-Unit Condo Complex Approved for Tuckahoe

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The long-aborning plan for a 50-unit condo complex in Tuckahoe is expected to break ground shortly. Since April 2009, plans have been afoot to build on the 7.3 acre property, which is south of CR 39 and east of Tuckahoe Lane. Nine buildings will be constructed, with 32 three-bedroom and 18 two-bedroom units, along with a recreation center and pool. 15 units will be set aside as affordable housing. The property is owned by the Melville-based Fairfield Properties, which manages a large number of rental and condo complexes on Long Island. Originally, the affordable units were going to be priced around $200K, with the other condos running from $300-400K; but given that was five years ago, we expect prices to be higher now.
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