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Harbor's Edge Nears Completion!

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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we already reported that the West Water Street condos in Sag Harbor were freshly reborn as Harbor's Edge. We had the pleasure of touring the units last week. While the finishing touches are still being installed, we can tell you that the residences facing the water sure don't lack on space or insane sunset views. Wow! We speculated that European investors might be the target audience for this property, but the buzz surrounded empty nesters that desire maintenance-free living. Okay, that makes sense!

With 15 two and three bedrooms for sale, we chatted with several people involved with the project. We casually asked if they had any regrets, and we heard the same sentiment echoed throughout the evening, I wish we had more units! Our suggestion? Check out this luxury living before the building is sold out. If there's one thing we've learned about Sag Harbor, it's that property value just doesn't decline. Well, not recently.

Here are some renderings to give you an idea surrounding all of this hullabloo. Ah, we just love real estate porn!