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Get Red Carpet Ready with Most Awesome Beauty App, Ever!

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As per our recent coverage, it's easy to see that fundraisers and parties are dominating the Hamptons social scene. Hell, East Enders even make an event out of dinner. Translation: you need to look good! And, a day spent at the beach might leave your tresses looking wind blown, not wind swept. After hunting around for a well-priced solution, we've found one in the form of the smartphone app, Glamsquad. Of course, if you'd rather hop online, then it's

Here's the deal, just download the app and schedule a hair or makeup appointment. Or, be decadent and get both, that's what we did! Here's what to expect: a stylist arrives at your house with high-end products, and gives you one of Glamsquad's inspirational styles. Choose from looks such as the Weekender, the Starlet, the Fresh Face, the Dreamer, the Bronzed Beauty, or the Flirt. We went with the Weekender and the Starlet. Prices range from $50 to $95.

It's incredibly simple. Just click on your phone for these on-demand beauty services. Now, looking like a celebrity is easy. Yes, it's a bit decadent, but we all deserve a treat. The best part? These beauty gurus come to you. We definitely have a new vice. Hello, Glamsquad!